Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Series This Sunday!

The paths we choose will take us to some amazing and sometimes difficult places. It is the lessons we learn on these random excursions that make the journey meaningful. There’s no better embodiment of this principle than a man named Jonah. In this series we’ll look at Jonah’s life and learn his lessons. The book of Jonah isn’t really a fish story. It is a story about how God loves all people and leads us on a journey to follow Him by loving them too.

The Boat: A Place To Hide! Jonah 1

Have you ever tried to run from God and his call on your life? If you’ve tried it, you already know Jonah’s story. The outcome is never good. In this message we'll find encouragement to stop running and start embracing God's plan for our lives.

The Fish: A Place To Think ! Jonah 2

Sometimes it takes something dramatic to get our attention. Though not pleasant at the time, difficult places can actually serve as a springboard to God’s work in us and through us. In difficult times we learn many things about God and about ourselves that we could never learn when times are good. What could easily have been seen as Jonah's destruction, actually became his salvation.

The City: A Place To Change! Jonah 3

Have you ever obeyed God under protest? Ever offered grudging obedience? You did what you were told but your heart just wasn’t in it. So did Jonah. Often this happens because we just don’t really understand the depth of God's love and how far He is willing to go to forgive others.

The Tree: A Place To Grow! Jonah 4

Ever cared more about things than people? Ever made decisions based more on your own comfort than the well-being of others. Ever seen a preacher upset because his message was so well received? Things get turned upside down when the things that matter to God don’t matter to us.

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