Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Brother in Christ

It is hard to miss God's hand working in our church family. We're blessed have elders, like Ken, who are investing in the spiritual development of our church. Ken sent me the following note this morning.

Hi Brent!

Gotta share this with you... on Sunday, when dropping off my kids at camp for MMAD week, I was approached by Shawn Moore, one of our youth group members. Shawn has been attending CCC for almost a year now, and has really jumped in and become part of the core group. Anyway, Shawn wanted to talk about baptism. He and I had a great talk. He had been talking to his dad for a while about the subject and was looking for some answers.

On Monday, Shawn and I spent some time together doing a pretty intense Bible study on the subject. He decided that he wanted to be baptized on Wednesday. I spoke with his dad on the phone and we made arrangements. Wednesday night Shawn's dad, mom, aunt and cousin all came up to the camp and I had a great time of Bible study with all of them, showing them what I had shared with Shawn on the subject of baptism.

After that, we all went out to the swimming pool (with all of the campers there with us) and Shawn was immersed, accepting Jesus as his Lord and his Savior. What a blessing!! There's more, though... Shawn's dad is convicted that he needs to do the same (and probably would have if he had had a change of clothes...) Stay tuned for developments there...

God is good, and He is busy in our midst!


Sean McCarthy said...

that's kickin'!!!!!

Margo said...

That's amazing! What encouragement! I don't know Shawn very well, other than that he can beat me in a handstand contest, but I'm very excited for him that he's continuing his journey with Christ. Awesome! :)

Dethloff Family said...

I have known Sean Moore since he and Ben first became friends at school when they were 7 yrs old. Through those years I have watched Sean grow in size, and become an amazing baseball and trombone player. I have watched his personality develop and their friendship as well. Sean has always been a blessing to our family. There are a few boys that I have always teased that they are like my adopted sons...Sean is one of those. I am so happy that Sean is attending CCC and estatic that he has come to know the Lord and has been baptized!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! We have an amazing group of young people at CCC!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!

BTW, I have issued my own handstand contest to Shawn.

-Olga Corbett