Monday, October 27, 2008

24-Hour Prayer Focus

We had a great time in our LIFE Group last night. One outcome was the proposal that our group invite our church family into a 24-Hour prayer focus this coming weekend. With a critical election before us next Tuesday, families impacted by the economic downturn, God’s mission before us – we must move forward together under God’s direction and in His power. What a way to start a new month of service. Here is our proposal.

Some Questions about our 24-Hour Prayer Focus.

Who: Anyone and everyone who wants to participate, individuals, couples, families or small groups.

What: A 24-hour chain of unbroken prayer

When: 10:00 AM Saturday till 10:00 AM Sunday.

How: Sign up for a ½ hour or hour time-slot and commit to pray for those items mentioned above – and others things that are on your heart. (we’ll provide a list to help guide your thoughts). We should easily be able to fill up all of the time slots. This will provide a 24-hour unbroken chain of prayer from our church family. Michele Keeton will be doing signups on Wednesday evening or you can also sign up by emailing Michele at

Where: Wherever you are. You don’t need to come to our campus to pray. Spend time in focused prayer wherever you happen to be.

Please join us…

Keeton’s LIFE Group

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