Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Will Adding A Second Worship Time Do For Us?

1. It will help us stay on mission.
God is not finished with us yet. We haven't arrived. It's not time for us to coast into retirement or ride off into the sunset. We don't get an extended period of "me-time." God still has an urgent mission for us. We have not completed it. In many ways it feels like we are just getting started. Adding a second worship service is a critical next step toward completing the work God has given us to do.

The goal of our ministry is to connect real people to the real God for real change. It is easy to see God at work among us. When God is at work He attracts a crowd. Jesus wasn't put-off by that. He continually invited any and all to come. That was His invitation, and it must be ours. Yes, crowds cause chaos. There are always adjustments. But every crowd is filled with unique individuals that Jesus gave His life for. He would have us welcome each one. Here's the issue: studies say that when our worship space is over-crowded, 70%-80% full, new people perceive their is no room for them. It would be a tragedy if even one newcomer felt unwelcome because we didn't love them enough to make room.

If there are no new faces, adding a second service doesn't make much sense. Just splitting up our existing crew would be no fun for anybody. The excitement comes as God, through you, brings new families, we extends His welcome and see their lives changed. Remember, the church doesn't exist for us - we are the church and we exist to connect people to God through Jesus Christ. This second service will help keep God's mission first.

2. It will bless our volunteers.
I'm not sure when Melissa Dasher attended adult worship last. Likely over a year ago. No, she hasn't lost her faith - but has chosen to put it into action. You see, she and her Heartland volunteers have made a huge sacrifice. They have bailed on the blessing of attending adult worship, in order to serve our kids and help them connect with God. One of the most exciting prospects of a new service is that volunteers will be able to experience our worship and serve others on the same Sunday morning. More people are already volunteering to work in Heartland, because they know they won't have to sacrifice worshiping with their church family.

Our second service is an intentional effort to make our worship available to more and more people. I pray that you will warmly welcome...and simply invite.

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