Friday, March 6, 2009

What Can I Do To Help?

I know many of you believe that adding the second service is critical to the growth of our ministry at Community. It is an exciting, somewhat intimidating, next step on our journey. So, the question arises, what are some simple things each of us can do to help ensure adding this second worship gathering is successful. I'll to give you a short list, then elaborate more in the coming weeks. Our launch is currently 23 days away. Here goes...
  1. If you don't have kids in Heartland, consider attending the 9:00 AM service. Heartland will only be offered at the11:00 AM worship gathering. It likely will not be difficult for us to fill the 11:00 gathering again. Yet, our goal is to have at least half of the chairs full during each worship time. Studies say the likelihood of success is increased dramatically if we can fill 50% of the seats. It will be easy to choose a service for convenience - or getting a little extra sleep. We're asking you to make you choice based on God's mission here.
  2. Please plan on attending one worship time and serving during the other. This is a great opportunity to be able to attend the first worship time and serve in Heartland during the second. A lot of servants here are already pulling double duty - and have been for a while. We can definitely use your help. We will need growing numbers of volunteers to serve the folks God is bringing our way. There will be a number of service opportunities during each service. Nursery workers will be needed during both services. If kids aren't your thing, consider serving as a greeter, traffic/parking assistant, chair mover, etc. or just mingle in the foyer between services intentionally greeting newcomers.
  3. Invite, Invite, Invite. This is probably the most intimidating, yet most critical thing any of us can do. If we just split the people we currently have, it won't be good. But, if we commit to making room - and inviting others to fill it again - more people will have an opportunity to connect with God and His people. To help as you offer invitations, this Sunday we will be providing attractive Invite Cards for the launch of our Second Worship Gathering. Next week we will have Invite Cards for our Easter series. We hope you'll use them to Simply Invite...
  4. Attend our Work Day on March 14th. Come and get your hands dirty. We have a ton of work to complete before our move to a second service and in our prep for Easter. We can really use your help from 8:00 to 3:00. It's a great way to help the church and work up an appetite for the Pizza Throwdown.
  5. Provide a financial gift to assist in upgrading our facilities. I even hate to mention this because, in difficult economic times, you continue to be incredibly generous. Yet, the truth is, the upgrades to our children's and youth spaces and our parking lot will cost some extra money. What we are able to do will depend on the funds available. So, if God has blessed you with some extra funds, via a tax refund, saving, etc. and you can supply some help in addition to your tithe, we will put it to use creating inviting spaces on our campus. Just place any gift in the offering plate on Sunday. Please do whatever you feel God is leading you to do.
Please pray with your family about how you will contribute to the success of our second worship time. Adding this worship will provide you options. I pray God will lead you to not simply to enjoy these options yourself - but will guide you to seize this kingdom opportunity to reach and serve others who are far from God. I'm excited to see what God will do with our offering...

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