Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Trying to Take It In!

Yesterday was a great day. I'm still trying to take it all in. We launched our second worship gathering - not really knowing what to expect - and God blew us away AGAIN.

We had 230 people worship with us Sunday. There were lots of new faces. Both services were nearly identical in adult attendance (there were 15 more people at 11:00 than at 9:00).

Sean hit it out of the park with the message and the praise team did a great job at both services.

I know that two gatherings means more work - you are all living proof of that. But it also provides more opportunities for us to "connect real people to the real God for real change." Thanks for all you are doing...Praise God for what He has done!

I'll be praying over those invite cards you took home yesterday. Easter is only two weeks away. These are desperate times - please pass those cards on to those you know who are "Desperate for Hope."

This Sunday I'll wrap up our "Famous Last Words" series with Jesus' ultimate expression of "FAITH". I hope to see you there. Bring a friend. It's not that hard...simply invite.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ramblings From An Incredible Weekend!

I literally could not sleep last night with images of the weekend still bouncing around in my head.
Friday was Prayerfest. Our members came and made their way through six stations praying for every aspect of our church's life and ministry. Every time that we have chosen to pray, really pray, God has responded.

We had a huge turnout for our workday on Saturday. At one point I counted 15 people painting together in the Heartland room. That doesn't include those working in the Pulse space, offices, auditorium and outside. A number of really cool upgrades are happening.

We closed the day with a great crowd of regulars and newcomers for our Pizza Throwdown. We had one new family show up @ Community for the first time for that event. She even brought a dessert to enter in the competition - and she placed third out of sixteen entries. They were back Sunday morning and attended our LIFE Group last night. They found us through our website... and were drawn by our Heart 4 the Homeless and Adopted in Him ministries. While they were on our website they saw pictures of people they already knew... and couldn't wait till Sunday to join us.

Speaking of Sunday morning - are you kidding me!!!! At one point one of our ushers was trying to find seats together for a family of three...and there weren't any. Our second service is coming right on time. Chris and the team led us in an awesome time of worship and God moved in powerful ways. Remember to pray for Bob, who has been far from God for years, and came home yesterday after being reminded of God's forgiving heart. Pray for the Smiths, who a mourning the loss of a young family member who was murdered last week while working for the Peace Corp in Africa. As we stop just "going to church" and start "being the church" we will be in over our heads in "real-life" issues in people's lives. But this is exactly where God wants us to be.

By all accounts, this was a great weekend for our congregation. Our children's ministries and youth ministries are still buzzing about everthing that transpired. The meeting for training those to who are greeting our newcomers was packed yesterday afternoon and volunteer roles are filling fast.

I just want to close by saying thanks to those who who are working so hard and offering countless hours and resources to God's work here at Community. I feel blessed to be serving Jesus alongside you. Have a great week.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What Can I Do To Help?

I know many of you believe that adding the second service is critical to the growth of our ministry at Community. It is an exciting, somewhat intimidating, next step on our journey. So, the question arises, what are some simple things each of us can do to help ensure adding this second worship gathering is successful. I'll to give you a short list, then elaborate more in the coming weeks. Our launch is currently 23 days away. Here goes...
  1. If you don't have kids in Heartland, consider attending the 9:00 AM service. Heartland will only be offered at the11:00 AM worship gathering. It likely will not be difficult for us to fill the 11:00 gathering again. Yet, our goal is to have at least half of the chairs full during each worship time. Studies say the likelihood of success is increased dramatically if we can fill 50% of the seats. It will be easy to choose a service for convenience - or getting a little extra sleep. We're asking you to make you choice based on God's mission here.
  2. Please plan on attending one worship time and serving during the other. This is a great opportunity to be able to attend the first worship time and serve in Heartland during the second. A lot of servants here are already pulling double duty - and have been for a while. We can definitely use your help. We will need growing numbers of volunteers to serve the folks God is bringing our way. There will be a number of service opportunities during each service. Nursery workers will be needed during both services. If kids aren't your thing, consider serving as a greeter, traffic/parking assistant, chair mover, etc. or just mingle in the foyer between services intentionally greeting newcomers.
  3. Invite, Invite, Invite. This is probably the most intimidating, yet most critical thing any of us can do. If we just split the people we currently have, it won't be good. But, if we commit to making room - and inviting others to fill it again - more people will have an opportunity to connect with God and His people. To help as you offer invitations, this Sunday we will be providing attractive Invite Cards for the launch of our Second Worship Gathering. Next week we will have Invite Cards for our Easter series. We hope you'll use them to Simply Invite...
  4. Attend our Work Day on March 14th. Come and get your hands dirty. We have a ton of work to complete before our move to a second service and in our prep for Easter. We can really use your help from 8:00 to 3:00. It's a great way to help the church and work up an appetite for the Pizza Throwdown.
  5. Provide a financial gift to assist in upgrading our facilities. I even hate to mention this because, in difficult economic times, you continue to be incredibly generous. Yet, the truth is, the upgrades to our children's and youth spaces and our parking lot will cost some extra money. What we are able to do will depend on the funds available. So, if God has blessed you with some extra funds, via a tax refund, saving, etc. and you can supply some help in addition to your tithe, we will put it to use creating inviting spaces on our campus. Just place any gift in the offering plate on Sunday. Please do whatever you feel God is leading you to do.
Please pray with your family about how you will contribute to the success of our second worship time. Adding this worship will provide you options. I pray God will lead you to not simply to enjoy these options yourself - but will guide you to seize this kingdom opportunity to reach and serve others who are far from God. I'm excited to see what God will do with our offering...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Will Our Two Worship Gatherings Be Exactly The Same!

Reason 1:
The primary reason our additional worship will be identical to our current one is that we believe God is blessing what we are currently doing. Most of our guests seem to love our worship and it is meaningful to nearly all regular attenders. It other words, what we are currently doing is becoming increasingly relevant to our surrounding culture.

Here's what I believe: God expects us to make the message of Jesus relevant to the culture we engage in Salisbury, MD in 2009. He will hold us accountable for doing this. Most churches are dying because they have refused to embrace this principle. Many have chosen to address the 60's, 70's or 80's head-on, and are suffering the consequences. Our message (Jesus) never changes. The modes and methods of communicating Him must adapt to become relevant to the culture in which we live.

I have heard a couple of people express a desire to shape our additional service to be more "traditional." This would mean more hymns and a service more like what they had experienced growing up, or at some point in their past. This would make some of us who have been in church most of our lives more comfortable and the worship time more enjoyable.

Here are my issues with proposal: (1) longing to experience something from the past is usually what draws people's attention away from what God is trying to do with them in the present; (2) traditional worship, by its very nature, seeks to engage the past rather than the culture we presently live in; and (3) our leaders are striving to be mission-driven and not member-driven. In other words, we will always ask, "What will help us fulfill the mission Jesus has given us" rather than "I wonder what our members would like us to do" or "what would make our members most comfortable." I think beginning a more traditional worship experience would be a decision to make a subset of our members happy, rather than a decision based on the mission of Jesus. Let me say this though: I think hymns, which are upgraded to a contemporary style have the potential to be very relevant. Doing this provides the double blessing of being both relevant and a connection to our Christian heritage. You'll notice we have begun to do this occasionally in our worship.

Reason 2.
I think a decision to segregate our church members based on the style of worship music they prefer, rather than unite them around the mission of Jesus has incredible potential to split the congregation. Worship preferences have split more congregations than any other issue in history. It is a historical fact that when church members begin to focus on their own preferences and petty desires the results have been catastrophic. When this happens, my group becomes those who have the same preferences I do. Everyone else is an outsider.

So, we have chosen to focus on Christ's mission in making our decisions. Many will join us as we pursue this mission, others may choose to go to a church where they are more comfortable. All we can do is to do our best to be faithful to "complete the work that God has given us to do" (John 17:4).

There would be only one reason our leaders would consider changing the style of our worship for an additional worship gathering: to create a new worship environment targeted specifically toward a group of people who are far from God. This might mean a change of location (rented space outside our facility) or a change of style (i.e., edgier to reach a younger generation) but I promise our decision would be based on God's mission.

May God bless as follow His leading and continue His work...