Monday, June 16, 2008

A Note From the Dethloffs

I receive all kinds of cool notes and emails from those who have been touched by the love and grace they have found at Community. I'll use our blog to share some of those encouraging notes that come our way. The following is from Rick and Annie Dethloff...

Dear Brent and Patti and Church Family,

Sometimes when a person performs an act of kindness it can catch us off guard and we tend to trip over our own tongue trying to express how deeply moved we are and how beautiful those people are to us. . Somehow, my fingertips find the words flowing from them more freely able to express that which my heart holds dearly to, yet my tongue can not convey.

Everyone at CCC has shown themselves to be beautiful people….the church body as a whole has touched our family deeply on many occasions. God has blessed us beyond our imagination throughout Isaac’s adoption journey. He taught us, guided us, supplied us, and blessed us in a multitude of ways. Far to many to write out, but almost a shame not to share. They are blessings we want to shout from the mountain tops, Praising His Name!!! One blessing we must share is that through our darkest time when our adoption for our daughter failed God not only blessed us with a baby boy, Isaac, but with a new church family as well. It is no mistake but by God’s design only to have Isaac welcomed by CCC and the beautiful people that make up the body.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks, gratitude, and humility to everyone of you, for; Encouragement and prayer to keep us strong and press on through the journey, the out pour of questions and concern, the care for Eli while we were away in Guatemala, the welcome home, the gifts, the Baby Blessing Shower, the awesome cake, the dinners you provided, holding Isaac in your arms and loving on him, and the heart of Christ we see in each and everyone of you. We may be small in number as a church, but God lives large in us! Thank you for being part of Isaac’s Journey Home!!!

Your Friends In Christ,

The Dethloff Family

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Ken Dasher said...

That was an awesome blog. And btw, the last "vision leaks" blog was great, and timely. Well done.

Treasure this, 'cause I may not say anything else nice to you for the rest of the week/month/year... : )