Monday, June 16, 2008

Spiritual Intersection - Sean McCarthy

I just have to say that I thought Brent’s message yesterday was powerful and moving! It was from the book of Jonah and it really stood out to me because the crux of the message was centered around a word that is used frequently when talking about faith and spiritual things… the word “change.”

Now I didn’t grow up in the Church but as soon as I became part of it I’ve heard this word consistently – and honestly being a true follower of Jesus means that you are a changed person. But when hearing this word change it was always about “us” being changed by “God.” And I’m not saying that this concept isn’t true because it totally is, but I was inspired and moved by hearing yesterday that sometimes we change God’s mind. If that sentence seems to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing straight up, just hold on for a second, don’t attack yet! It’s not that we ever will change God’s big plan (big “P”) – God will never change what’s written in His Word, but it’s that we can change God’s plan (small “p”) in how He will deal with a situation in life.

And it makes so much more sense to me now. Not only does it make sense, it’s freeing, it’s inspiring to hear that because it’s proof that my prayers actually matter! If this concept is not true, than how do we explain Abraham pleading with God not to destroy the city of Sodom because his nephew Lot was still living in that city? Abraham kept coming back to God and pleading with Him and God listened and didn’t destroy the city.

It’s like this amazing spiritual intersection that we cross into. It’s in this intersection that we realize that the Christian life isn’t just us responding to God, but that it’s also God responding to us! Our prayers aren’t us just typing words into a computer system called “God” and God being this system that processes our prayers and spits back the automated response. No, God’s an actual being with a working mind and heart. It’s in this intersection that we really see how beautiful our relationship with Him is. What a great message. What a great God.

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